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Abdul Ghani M. Ismail Perfumers
عبدلغنی محمد اسمعيل تاجرعطر

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Abdul Ghani M. Ismail (AGMI) Perfumers are leading manufacturers & traders of Perfumes, Herbal Hair Care & Skin Care Products since 1904.

Our History

Abdul Ghani Muhammad Ismail Tajir Atar is one of the few firms of Sub-continent recognized for its business integrity, became popular in every home and almost every city due to its high quality products & good business reputation. In Chandi Chok Fatehpri Delhi, Mr. Abdul Ghani Muhammad Ismail with the cooperation of his son (Haji Mohammad Ismail), laid down the foundation of the firm in 1937 with the name of Abdul Ghani Mohammad Ismail Tajir Atar.

Along with the fragrances/perfumes, the firm focused to broaden their product range & provided other good quality products to their consumers. Due to high product quality and reasonable prices, its reputation spreads far n wide. Its fame gradually stretched out to the extents of Mumbai & Lahore, while on the other hand the chiefs and nawabs of Calcutta & Central India liked to use its products & the trend continues till 1947.

The founder & owner of the firm passed away before the partition of sub-continent, after him his son Haji Muhammad Ismail took care of the organization's management. In 1947, Haji Muhammad Ismail migrated to Karachi, formed the company with the same established name and get similar popularity here as well.

Our Values

Here is what is important to us, our values, our tradition

  • Excellent Quality - No compromise on quality
  • Accurate Quantity - correct quantity, our commitment
  • Customer Trust - customer loyalty is our top priority

Registered Brands & Trademarks

Following are the registered brands names of Abdul Ghani M. Ismail Tajir Atar:

  • Tibbi
  • Tibbi Aamla
  • Ghani's
  • Kesh Kamudi

Company name & logo are the registered trademarks of Abdul Ghani M. Ismail Tajir Atar

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Abdul Ghani M. Ismail Perfumers
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Abdul Ghani M. Ismail Perfumers