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Hair Care Tips
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tips & information for your better hair care

Hair Care Tips

Hairs are an important aspect of human personality. Silky, thick & shiny hairs palys a vital role in highlighting your personality in the society. Balance diet, your good health and cleanliness makes your hair shiny and attractive naturally. We are sharing few tips below to make them healthy, clean & strong:

  • It is important to clean them regularly with shampoo and occassionally with soap & warm water.
  • Daily brushing helps maintain cleanliness, improves the flow of blood in your scalp skin, makes hair strong and healthy.
  • Occasional Massage is an effective tool for good blood circulation for the roots of the hairs.
  • Herbal soaps or shampoo are more suitable than the ordinary soaps.
  • Olive oil provides nourishments to your hair, apply it on your hairs at bedtime and wash them in the morning.

Solutions for common hair problems

Our experts have answered below few of the common problem queries related to your hairs

Problem # 1: I am experiancing a hair fall & split hair problems ?

Solution : hair fall & split hair are due to the weakining of the roots. Regular light massage will improve blood flow & help reduce the problem. Natural herbal ingredients in Tibbi Amla Hair Oil can be a good solution for you. Apply the oil on the roots & the split ends gently and if required slightly trim the split ends.

Problem # 2: I got Dandruff in my hairs after every few days ?

Solution : The main reason for the dandruff is due to the improper cleaning & hygiene of the hairs. When you go outside, your hairs are exposed to the dust & bacteria which resides in the roots of your hairs and when it interacts with sweat particles, it creates a layer of dandruff on your scalp. To help reduce this problem wash your hairs regularly with some good herbal soap or shampoo, and apply some Tibbi Amla Hair Oil on your hairs at the bedtime.

Problem # 3: What are the most damaging things for my hairs ?

Solution : Experts analysis suggests that apart from the humidity in air, dust & sunlight, the air pollution is the most damaging component for our hairs. It damages their natural strength and shine, making them weak, unhealthy & dull. Covering your hairs while going outside helps reduce the impact of damage upto a greater extent and is recomended for both men & women.

If you have busy lifestyle, explore and use our herbal hair care product range for good results in a convienient way.

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